Terms and Conditions

Policy and Safety Rules

Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. (Settlement and Clearing Agent) hereby states the safety rules you should follow to protect your passwords:

-Your password is personal and unique and shall only be known by you.

-Under no circumstances will Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. ask for your password through any communication channel.

-We strongly recommend avoiding the use of your date of birthday, ID number, phone number or double numbers, which might be easily guessed.

-We strongly recommend changing passwords every six months for safety purposes.

Our aim is to meet your needs in respect to the services we provide and to be at your disposal in respect to any recommendation or question you may deem convenient to ask by sending us an email to zuluvalores@gmcvalores.com.ar

Legal Terms

Entering www.zuluvalores.com.ar website implies the acceptance of the company’s terms and conditions stated below.

Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. discloses on its website information related to types of trade, its products and services, and reserves the right to change any information and products conditions with no need of early notice in respect thereof. Users of our site agree to use it in a lawful manner and in compliance with these terms and conditions.

Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. shall not be responsible for any damages arising from the access, use or misuse of the website contents and of this page in particular. Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. shall not be responsible for service interruptions, for any reason, which may prevent access to this page.

Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. hereby prohibits the copying, duplication, redistribution, commercialization or any other activity that may be performed with its website contents.

Terms and Conditions

Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. offers its investors (trading account owners or comitentes) access to the information recorded on their account in compliance with the following terms and conditions:

1- Enquiries: account owners will have access to the system to keep track of their cash and securities account movements, to check any details of their daily operations as to the last date available therein and of any period to be agreed upon from time to time, and to make any enquiries and access to any data to be available in the future.

2- Access to the service will be performed through a personal computer connected to the internet. The account owner will use its personal password to access. That password is unique and non-transferable. Therefore, Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. shall not be responsible for its disclosure to third parties or misuse thereof. Any inquiry made using such password shall be understood as validly, legitimately and authentically made by the account owner, and our company shall not be responsible to take any additional steps in respect to safety rules in this regard. Account owners shall be responsible for any use of that password on their behalf and no claims based on the lack of safety thereof shall be accepted.

3- Termination of the Service Agreement: Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. reserved the right to limit or cancel access to the service in case the company deems it necessary, and the account owner may require the termination of the service agreement by serving written notice to our premises or via email to: zuluvalores@gmcvalores.com.ar. Termination of the service agreement means the account owner shall not be able to keep track of any account movement or balance through our web platforms.

In my capacity as account owner (comitente) and in compliance with the web user operative rules in force, as disclosed therein, I hereby irrevocably state that I am aware of and agree to:

1- Undertake full responsibility for the use of my password to access the service and for any disclosure to third parties in respect thereof, releasing Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. from any and all responsibility for any operation made through the use of said password. In case I become aware of any unauthorized use of my password by third parties, I undertake to serve Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. due written notice thereof in respect to my user name or password. I am fully aware of the importance of keeping my password confidential and of logging out immediately after using the service.

2- Under no circumstances shall Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. be responsible for any damages or losses, whether direct, indirect, actual or future, arising from the lack of safety measures taken in respect to my password and user name.

3- I understand I am exclusively responsible for notifying my password revocation. Notwithstanding the foregoing, I hereby authorize Zulu Valores ALyC S.A. to block or cancel access to my account in case the company deems it necessary based on any suspicious trading activity or unusual transactions observed. I am aware of the specific procedure to be followed to reset passwords to gain access to my account again, and I hereby waive any claim I may be entitled to in respect to any trading operation that may not be conducted due to the above mentioned blocking of access to my account. 

4- I hereby represent that I am aware of the different communication channels detailed in the Brokerage Account Agreement. I understand the website is one of said communication channels, and I therefore waive any claim for damages arising from technical inconveniences whatsoever in the execution of an order.